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NBA TV is a subscription television network dedicated exclusively to basketball in the United States. The network is funded by the NBA, which also often uses it to advertise its pay-per-view programming. In homes with DirecTV and other cable television companies, the network can be watched 24 hours a day.
Beginning in 1999 as nba.com tv, the channel, which is headquartered at NBA Entertainment in Secaucus, New Jersey, struck a multi-year agreement with American television company Time Warner on June 28, 2003, allowing the chain expanded to 45 million American households and 30 different countries.
NBA TV offers basketball-related news every day, as well as programs showing the lifestyles and customs of the league's players, the life of a basketball team during the NBA season, historical games, and, mostly four days a week (sometimes even up to 5, 6 and 7, but not less than 4) live NBA games. The channel also broadcasts international matches, especially on Saturday afternoons, with a special focus on the Euroleague and Israel's Maccabi Tel Aviv. In April 2005, the channel televised Chinese league finals games.1 NBA TV has 100 games scheduled on its 2006-07 season roster, as well as WNBA games along with ESPN2.
The NBA TV signal is generic and is broadcast in high definition natively in simulcast with the signal in standard resolution.
Generic: It is governed by the ET schedules (UTC-5 / UTC-4 DST) in the United States and the cities of Buenos Aires (UTC-3), Mexico City (UTC-6 / UTC-5 DST), Madrid (UTC + 1), Manila (UTC + 8), Victoria (UTC + 8) and Greenwich Mean Time (UTC / GMT).