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Fox Soccer Plus (formerly Setanta Sports) is an American sports channel dedicated to soccer and rugby league. Launched in 2005 by the Irish sports broadcaster Setanta Sports to offer live and tape-delayed mainstream sports events in the United States and Caribbean, it was rebranded on March 1, 2010 as a spin-off of the now-defunct Fox Soccer after its owner News Corporation acquired the channel and its coverage rights from Setanta in January 2010.
Despite the September 2013 replacement of Fox Soccer with FXX, Fox Soccer Plus remains operational, although in recent years, the channel has lost many of its key events that had carried over from Fox Soccer Channel.
Launched on April 26, 2005 by Setanta Sports, which is based in Ireland, the channel had the rights to delayed Manchester United and Chelsea matches on MUTV and Chelsea TV, which were shown in segments within the channel. Any given broadcaster can only gain access to a maximum of two club channels under the current Premier League international TV rights.
As of July 27, 2009 the ownership structure of Setanta Sports North America Limited changed. Setanta Sports North America Limited was owned by Sabloss. Both Setanta Sports Channel Ireland Limited and Setanta Sports North America Limited were licensed by the Broadcasting Commission of Ireland.
On January 27, 2010, Setanta Sports announced that they had reached an agreement with Fox Soccer Channel to transfer rights to select programming (soccer and rugby) that would be effective as of March 1. In addition, Setanta Sports announced that they would "cease" broadcasting the channel in the US and Caribbean on February 28, 2010.[3] The channel was rebranded from Setanta Sports to Fox Soccer Plus on March 1, 2010 at 12:00 a.m. EST.
With the loss of many of its marquee properties, very limited content remains on the channel. As of 2019, Fox Soccer Plus main soccer programming consists of live and delayed Bundesliga matches and highlight programming from the league, replays of Major League Soccer games shown on Fox or FS1, replays of FIFA events (although some events from lower level FIFA competitions that Fox holds the rights to are sometimes shown live) and occasionally, games from the Liga MX and Copa do Brasil.
Fox Soccer Plus continues to air rugby league content from Australia and England. Currently, Fox Soccer Plus airs three of Australia's National Rugby League games per round, all three State of Origin games (often shown live on FS2 first), all playoff games, and the NRL Grand Final. With the exception of the Origin games, the broadcast source is Fox League, which shares the basic video feed from Nine Network but inserts its own graphics and commentators, meaning that Fox Soccer Plus viewers do not have the option of the announcers and production values of Nine.